Wednesday, April 04, 2007

One year old

I've been writing this blog for one year now, over 160 articles with some winners and losers along the way. When I started I had the rather modest ambition to keep publishing longer than The Sportsman. By way of a celebration, my teenage daughter (Baby Tips) composed the following MC. If, like me, you don't know what an MC is, I am informed that indicates you're rather old.

Happy birthday to GeeDee
His blog goes down in history
Getting more news every day
As people read what he has to say.
PG's Tips is one year old
His good advice is worth some gold
Gets updates on the racing news
Sorts his blog then has a snooze.
Next there is his other half
Mrs Tips, they have a laugh
They do make a beautiful pair
Following racing everywhere.
Mrs Tips, she makes the tea
Then mends the roof, how tough is she?
While Gee reads form in his bath chair
Getting old and losing his hair.
Many happy returns to PG's Tips
GeeDee then sits down and sips
His cup of tea, you can hear the cogs
Turning as he thinks about blogs.
This was written by Helen Dee
GeeDee's daughter, class is she
If you wanna hear her style of rhyme
Check out mc squared, she'll last all time.


Anonymous said...

Yo say ya Momma's on da roof
But the lines so whack yo need more proof

Yo say ya Dadda's losing his hair
But his follicles are thicker than a heavy shod mare

So get back to us when ya rap's more clear
Cuz we're da rappers over ere... No Fear.

Truth, Respect!

Anonymous said...

gangsta mc paul finks hes bad
but wv a name like that he is jst sad
is this wot u get paid to do?
luk at ma dads blog, make a rap or two?
who even uses YO these days?
an old word ur in the eighties ways

so now iv gota giv u som proof of wot ma mum is doin on the roof
she works all day and she works all nite
ma word shuld b proof i spit da truth rite
hav u lukd at ma dads head?
his hairlines receedin, somfin which he dread

so dont u com wv respect 2 me wen u aint taken a luk at ma family
ma mums on da roof ma dads losin hair
i was and am rite so u beta take care
if u mc bak u do it wv da truth
not 2 show ur young and that u got da proof
dnt get in an mc fite wv me
coz il bang u out i sware truly

truth respect?? dont use these words bruva
wv da times bare safe blad u beta run for cover
coz mc squared will murk u propa bad
she gota gd name and rep to add
so com bak at me wv da truth mc paul
or me and u will be getin in a brawl

(hehe, im quite impressd wv ur rhymin skills but not impressed enuf!!)
MC SQUARED aka Baby Tips

Anonymous said...

The 80's aint no hot day!

I'm the 80's rapper with the ol' stylie.

Ya rhymes are messed up, YOU sound just like KYLIE!

So, I’m gonna take my rightful place.
Gonna finish first in the rapper race…in ya face.

Ya Dad is cool, so don’t despair
with his funky...and so much glare!

So, jumpin jack flash…a yeah, yeah yeah!

Anonymous said...

mc paulie got one fing to say:
erm "the eighties aint no hot day"
wot is that? wot does that mean?
cor ur lyrics dont deserve to be seen

i sound like Kylie, does she rhyme?
know ur facts get me one time
even if i did it aint so bad
wv all her awards,thats a compliment to b had

i neva said ma dad wernt cool
i no that, i aint no fool
u fink u finish first well ur so wrong
coz im flyin fru 2 first place wer i belong

jumpin jack flash wot the heck is that?
just sit back grandad in ur bath chair and that
time 2 give ur false teeth a rest
and leav da mcing to me, the best

Anonymous said...

I'm too hot for the mic!

80 celsius ain't too hot,
not when ya can dance like a techno robot.

My moves are so rare, just like a spaced out Fred Astaire.

You ain't no Rogers with dancing feet.

Step up to the mic now and TRY to compete!

Ya know what I'm sayin!


Anonymous said...


sorry, i did not reply
but i have been told to say goodbye
pg tips dont want this comp on his site
if u wish to continue heres the invite.
email me, pgs got ma address
but i doubt u can beat me coz im the best
gota say tho i like ur name
mc donald, undastandin the game
but never paul, u will never win
coz i mc like someone comittin sin
i say it is time to stop,
i got fings to do, charts to top
well done mc donald u have learnt fast
bout the world of mcing it is quite vast
but u r not at the top of the game
unlike mc squared she is blowin ya brain
so this is where the competition ends
i have finally won
goodnight my friends.