Sunday, December 16, 2007

Horsing about...

I've been on the lookout for a Christmas game and I think I've come across it in The Big Issue's Christmas Special. Horsey Hoppers sounds like space hoppers in the shape of horses and that's exactly what it is. Two players race each other around the living room in jockey silks. According to the website the game will be available from December 19th, which doesn't leave an awful lot of time to get things sorted, but it looks good fun particularly after a couple of your favourite Christmas beverages...

Bell's advertisements this Yuletide show a number of horses running on the side of a bottle of whisky, with a members enclosure badge proclaiming 'No horse goes as fast as the money you put on him'. In a similar vein, at this time of year the whisky in my whisky bottle goes down faster than the horses I put my money on.

Mrs Tips had alerted me to a piece in last Wednesday's Times which gave details of the Northern Cross, a Roman Catholic diocesan newspaper in the Hexham and Newcastle area, advertising for a racing tipster. Channel Four's Morning Line programme picked this up on Saturday and asked viewers to suggest a name for the new tipster. My own entry, had I made one, would have been Sinners' Winners, a re-working of the Punters' Prayer I religiously utter, kneeling at my bedside, the night before any big meeting:

Dear Lord, I know I'm a sinner,
But please, please, please,
Give me just one winner.

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