Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Interpreting the texts

Texting is the bane of my life - I hate it. I only do it if I have to, and then I'm slower than everybody else by a factor of ten. It's not just creating the blessed messages I have trouble with, it's making sense of the replies.

It would appear our learned friends in the legal profession have no such problems. On the first day of Fallon's trial they inform us that Fallon's text '6.55 no4 n', sent back in August 2004, indicated that in the 6.55 at Goodwood horse number four was a non-trier.

Well, here's a thing - I've sent a similar text twice in the last eighteen months. On the first occasion I ordered chicken tikka masala with naan from my local takeway at precisely 6.55pm. On the second occasion I placed my mobile in my rear trouser pocket without locking the keypad; I then went and sat on the wretched device.

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