Sunday, October 14, 2007

Hey, John Motson! Sometimes I watch ITV

During yesterday's coverage of the England versus Estonia football match from Wembley, the irksome John Motson succeeded in irritating both Mrs Tips and myself even further by advertising, through the medium of television, the England versus France rugby semi-final coverage on Radio Five Live, describing the game as 'unmissable'.

Agreed, the match wasn't to be missed, but why would I choose to listen to it on Radio Five Live when I could watch it live on ITV1? I appreciate this must sound naive but we are all big boys and girls now; why can't commentators be a little bit more grown-up and accept the fact that viewers, in the comfort of their own living rooms, do actually change to competitor channels? England rugby fans will always want to see England playing live, not just when the BBC happens to transmit their matches.

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Anonymous said...

I think Motson is a national that should be put away and brought out on very special occasions!

Come on England!