Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Secret of a successful Cheltenham punter

I'll be at Prestbury Park tomorrow with a number of people who have been attending this meeting on this particular day for many years. Lots of these people study the form rather closely but the most successful punter happens to be a guy who turns up at the races with a cutting from the previous evening's edition of The South Wales Echo and he just follows their tips blind.

Now, I know the vast majority of you can't pop out and buy yourselves a copy of The South Wales Echo, so I thought I'd let you know what they're tipping this year, just in case this approach appeals or, more to the point, just in case you fancy making some money.

2.00 Aran Concerto
2.35 Dom D'Orgeval
3.15 Newmill
4.00 Oscatello
4.40 Character Building
5.20 Den Of Iniquity

I always suspected that studying form was little more than displacement activity...

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GeeDee said...

You know, I thought there might be something in this, but looking at the fate of these selections now I'm not so sure...