Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Bits and pieces

I haven't followed the ongoing Fallon trial that closely. Still, you can't help but wonder at some of the stuff that creeps out. Apparently England star Michael Owen texted Kieren on a daily basis. What really made me smile was Fallon's explanation (presumably to the police) as to why horses had to be held up: "If you go too fast too early, you'll end up like Paula Radcliffe did in the Olympics."

Latest score - Jamie Spencer 185 - Seb Saunders 183.

Around this time of year I keep an eye out for new racing books which might be of interest as potential Christmas presents. Perhaps I'm getting old and miserable but this year's offerings don't make that much appeal. The Racing Post has compiled a list of 1000 racing quotations and the 500 strangest racing stories, while Dave Nevison's recently published A Bloody Good Winner: Life As A Professional Gambler includes details of his nocturnal exploits according to The Times' Alan Lee. I think I'll give it a miss and find myself a ghost story instead.

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