Monday, September 03, 2007

A Stratford picnic

Never mind your Rugby World Cup or the Euro 2008 qualifiers, this Saturday we're thinking of taking a family picnic to Stratford races.

Parents should view such occasions as an A1 opportunity to win back pocket money from their offspring. It's slightly more sophisticated than an old trick of mine - creeping into the kids' bedroom in the middle of the night with a blunt knife to try and extricate money from their piggy banks (without waking them up) - and, to boot, there's the added illusion (for the children) that the whole thing is such an enjoyable experience.

Less than two short months ago Stratford racecourse was under three feet of water, with the steeplechase fences practically hidden from view.

The BBC report that the repair bill is likely to reach more than £1 million. Still, electricity is likely to be restored and the toilets back in use for this meeting, so all we want now is some decent racing and reasonable weather...

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