Saturday, June 23, 2007

Royal Ascot review

Five winners from ten selections is my best Royal Ascot performance of all time. Generally I don't do a lot of work for this meeting (all that 'posh' stuff isn't really my cup of tea), but I put more effort in this year and it appears to have paid results. In a nutshell, here's the scorecard...

Benbaum each way - lost
Dutch Art win - lost
Ramonti win - won 5/1
Nannina win - won 3/1
Manduro win - won 15/8
Yeats win - won 8/13
Salford Mill win - lost
Darjina win - lost
Arch Swing each way - lost
Maraahel win - won 100/30

Five winners from ten selections is a 50% strike rate; a £10 level stake investment (each way picks - £5 each way) on all selections shows a profit of £88.23, giving a ROI of 88.23% over the week. If only it were like this every week...


Anonymous said...

Highlights of the BBC coverage was watching Rishi bonding with a horse in the course of a training session he had with a horse whisperer and the excellent interview the 'fashion experts' had with Philip Treacy, the hat man.

Anonymous said...

Well done that man: wish I could say my strike rate was as impressive.

GeeDee said...

Thanks for the comment, Tom. Trouble is, deep down, I'm pretty certain that this year I just got lucky...