Monday, June 25, 2007

Losing a winning betting slip

Late Saturday afternoon I received a text from a colleague who was bemoaning his luck. He'd bet three horses each way earlier in the day at his local William Hill shop, lost his betting slip and then watched in disbelief as two of his selections, Intrepid Jack and Takeover Target, finished a close second in their respective races at Ascot.

I'm sure many of you will know this, but, for the record, the advised course of action in such circumstances is to return to the bookmaker concerned and explain the situation. In all likelihood you will be asked to write out your slip again, exactly as you had written out the original, and you should get paid.

By the way, following this course of action with losing slips, explaining you didn't mean to bet that horse, didn't work for me the last time I tried it...


Anonymous said...

This Saturdays Northumberland Plate. Any good horses to take an earky price on .


GeeDee said...

Hi Shahid,
I started doing a bit of work on this race last night. Three I'm considering at this stage are Sentry Duty, Al Eile and Juniper Girl. The draw is important in this race so I wouldn't take an early price about a horse without knowing where it was drawn - draw is made later today (Thursday). Al Eile was 12/1 on Tuesday - that looked big and he's now 8/1, so I feel I've missed some value on that one and would be inclined to hold fire. I think Sentry Duty could drift on the day as he's top weight so I wouldn't take a price that horse at the moment.

On a separate note, while studying The Weekender last night, Hue caught my eye in today's 4.00 race at Newcastle. Let me say from the outset I won't be backing him. He finished tailed off in the Queen Alexandra Stakes at Ascot on Saturday on his first run in 395 days but went well for a long way. The thing to really catch the eye was he was backed from 25/1 to 10/1 on course (SL records bets of £20000-£1000, £5000-£300 and £10000-£700 each way)and from 65 to 8.6 on the exchanges. As Tony Calvin writes in The Weekender '...someone clearly thinks he's better than he showed here.'

GeeDee said...

Hue was sent off 5/2 favourite and finished third. Recorded bets were £4500-£1500, £1500-£500 and £1100-£400(x3).