Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The right price

Two weeks ago last Monday the phone rang out of the blue. I picked up the receiver to hear a young lady with a rather seductive voice asking to speak to me. That's unusual, I thought, for a Monday.

The aforementioned young lady proceeded to tell me that my bid in The Times Christmas Charity Auction for a day at the races with Alan Lee, The Times' racing correspondent, had won. Naturally I was flabbergasted.

Regular readers may remember my entry just before Christmas entitled 'What price a day at the races?' Well, I now know the answer; it's a little bit more than my wife is totally comfortable with.

I'm scheduled to be at Newbury on Saturday February 10th in the company of Alan Lee. I shall be taking copious notes from which in due course you, dear readers, will be able to profit.

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