Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Another cartoon character...

I'm acutely aware the graphical content on this blog over the last nine months or so has been severely restricted. This has much to do with my lack of artistic / photographic skills. In an attempt to address this shortcoming, I asked my colleague, Paul Smith, to create a piece of original artwork which I could publish. The results of his labours are shown above. The T shirts will be available for purchase when one of my Gold Cup tips obliges; don't hold your breath - that could be anytime in the next ten years.


Anonymous said...

Very funny! I've just seen your blog. Who is that guy? He's a bit young if it's supposed to be you. Please DO NOT give me one of your tshirts for Valentine's Day! And I mean that, I really do!


Anonymous said...

Absolutely the spitting image of you, I would say that your face is a bit more round though. Oh well! Give my congratualtions to Paul Smith, impressive work.

Anonymous said...

Well done Mr. Smith. Having known this charecter as "ugly bro" for all my life you really have done him proud!

The anonymous good looking one.