Friday, December 22, 2006

Suggested TV viewing this Christmas

If East Enders and the impending death of Pauline Fowler doesn't make much appeal as your Christmas viewing, try following the series of Royal Institution Christmas Lectures delivered by mathematician Marcus du Sautoy which Channel Five are broadcasting daily at 7.15 from Christmas Day onwards.

The lecture on Tuesday 27th is billed as showing how maths can provide strategies for 'optimising success in game shows and gambling'. I'm hooked already.

In a similar mathematical vein, it looks as though the (rather modest) number of pounds I bid for a day at the races with The Times' Alan Lee as part of their charity auction event happened to be too small.

A happy Christmas to all (three) readers of this blog.


Tom Roper said...

Thanks for the tip about the Royal Institution lectures. I usually make the children watch them, in the hope that a little knowledge will percolate into their growing minds, but shall watch myself as well.
Here's to lots of winners in 2007

GeeDee said...

It'll probably my only worthwhile tip this Yuletide. In the meantime, I'll join you in a toast to lots of winners in 2007...