Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year

Over the Christmas period I have been playing The Really Nasty Horse Racing Game with the family and jolly good fun it is too. By suggesting the game is played for real money, astute parents will give themselves a decent chance to 'win back' pocket money which offspring would otherwise only fritter away on non-essentials such as CDs, DVDs and iPod accessories.

Players accumulate cash either by winning races or by betting. In a two horse race earlier in the week, the horses were priced up at 6/1 and 33/1; I'm only allowed to bet one horse but I happen to be in control of one of the horses. There are no odds on shots and in a matter of forty minutes I had over £4 million in my hand. Why can't real horse racing be like this?

There are some disadvantages. Although admission is free, viewing can be limited (I was squashed up on the stool next to the TV) and the living room could do with a lick of paint. In addition the catering was uninspiring (cold turkey sandwiches or a call out to Papa John's pizza house).

Still, these are small tribulations set against a potential earnings rate that would embarrass any Premiership footballer; I wish you a happy and prosperous new year.

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