Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The Sportsman

Cards on the table - I'm not very good at tipping. If I was, I'd be betting not blogging. The old adage says only bet what you know and, as I don't know all that much, I don't bet all that often; when I do I concentrate on jump racing.
Generally the racing coverage in The Catholic Herald isn't up to the mark; last Friday a guy called Nick Thomas tried to redress the imbalance in that paper by writing a piece about The Sportsman. The very same day I bought a copy of The Sportsman which, as Nick Thomas points out, is the first new daily since The Independent twenty years ago. The Sportsman is an interesting read - an ambitious project. What do others think? It's reasonably priced but I wasn't struck with the racing selections, not at Musselburgh anyway. No winners, but the advert at the top of the page claims 'The Sportsman Knows'. Hard to take these claims seriously sometimes, isn't it? Still, it's early days yet...

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