Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Fresh Ayr

Over Easter I was up in Scotland. In that country it is now illegal to smoke in a public place. Unsurprisingly off course bookmaking outlets constitue a public place. As I ambled past Ladbrokes in Dumfries, I noticed a small mountain of stubbed-out cigarettes outside the door; intrigued, I went in. No more fug, the air was pure and clean and I could see all the screens quite clearly. Disconsolate I trudged out - where has it all gone wrong?

I have long used the quality of the air inside bookmaking establishments as a reason not to enter, thereby saving myself hundreds of pounds in losing bets over the years.

These developments have all the traits of yet more bookmaking trickery - by improving the environment of the shops, the punters will want to come in, will stay longer than before and will lose even more money.

Let's hope it's not introduced south of the border.

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