Friday, April 21, 2006

Bank Holiday racing at Warwick

Racing on Bank Holidays isn't always of the highest quality but you can usually guarantee a larger than normal crowd.

Warwick is my local track

I'm not in love with the place. The viewing leaves a bit to be desired - there's a hill in the middle of the course - and it's a right treck from the betting ring to the paddock.

Here's a tale from Warwick races this Easter Monday.

A couple known to a colleague of mine go racing occasionally. At Warwick on Monday the lady decides to place a two pound each way bet with a bookmaker on a 16/1 outsider. The horse duly finishes third. When she goes to collect, the bookie chappie dismisses her with a wave of the hand telling her there was nothing to collect on her ticket.

The lady concerned confirms the official result and then sends her husband back to collect. As the bookie pays out, the husband enquires why his wife was refused payment. The reply: 'Oh, sorry mate, I was in the toilet when the result was announced.'

Call me a cynic but that looks like a blatant attempt to welch on a bet; that always leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

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