Friday, April 13, 2012

The story behind this year's Grand National runners

[To be read in the style of fiction noir...]

Becauseicouldntsee there seemed Organisedconfusion down The Midnight Club in Calgary Bay when, through the Midnight Haze, Weird Al ordered Seabass Tatenen starter with a rum and Black Apalachi but then struggled to decide between the Neptune Equester, the Neptune Collonges and the Arbor Supreme.

In the backgound the West End Rocker, wearing his Cappa Bleu, played Deep Purple, Planet Of Sound, Alfa Beat, Tharawaat and Shakalakaboomboom which made Synchronised Giles Cross - he threatened to kick the Chicago Grey in the Ballabriggs.

According To Pete, who was Always Right and On His Own, Rare Bob was In Compliance with Sunnyhillboy about the current State Of Play but after the Junior Postmaster passed the Quiscover Fontaine to say 'Hello Bud' to Swing Bill, he was soon to realise it was Vic Venturi, not Killyglen, who fancied the Viking Blond, which left him stuck in the Treacle...

Mon Mome!

With apologies to all concerned.


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