Friday, November 14, 2008

The Tote's big day

A Tote representative has been quoted as saying that tomorrow will be the biggest day in their history. There's £2 million plus up for grabs in the Scoop6 pot; with that sort of money on offer, it seems churlish not to have a go. I've done some limited spadework. If you're the sort of character who sees the virtually impossible as just another challenge, I suggest you use the two selections per race listed below as nothing more than a starting point...

2.00 Cheltenham: Halcon Genelardais, Simon;

2.35 Cheltenham: Imperial Commander, Bible Lord;

2.55 Wetherby: Killard Point, Ice Tea;

3.10 Cheltenham: Sullumo, Copsale Lad;

3.25 Wetherby: Edas, Smoothly Does It;

3.45 Cheltenham: Hernando Royal, Gloucester.

I wish you the very best of luck.

1 comment:

GeeDee said...

My Scoop6 ticket was in the bin after Joe Lively won the very first race. Still, a couple of winners hiding in the selections together with several placed horses, although nobody's going to give you or me £2 million for an effort like that. Shucks.
Apparently odds of 1/2 were offered about the pot being won today (with 11/8 there would be no winner). The victory of Sunnyhillboy (14/1) in Cheltenham's finale meant there were no winning tickets. That means we can do it all again next week for roughly double the money - brilliant!