Monday, September 08, 2008

Superform suspended

Around this time of year I visit the Superform website and prepare to spend a sum in the region of twenty five pounds - a small price to pay for the jumping annual I know will guarantee my sanity through the long winter months ahead. So, imagine my dismay earlier today, on discovering that Superform had suspended all their activities after racing on Sunday May 4th 2008 - over four months ago. In a message on the site publisher Kevin Gilroy points out that Superform has not 'gone bust' but is 'merely in suspended animation'. The spread of internet broadband and issues with postal deliveries are cited as reasons for the publication's demise. My own collection of annuals goes back to 1993; the first annual was published in 1974. It looks as though this year I'll have to invest in a copy of The Form Book Jumps Annual 2007/8 .

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