Tuesday, March 18, 2008

McCririck goes part-time

Today's Racing Post leads with the story that Channel 4 chiefs have decided to reduce the number of Saturdays John McCririck will appear on our screens, with immediate effect. I dare say there are some of you out there who will consider this jolly good news but, as you might expect, Mr. McCririck is not so chuffed. He claims this measure has made him a part-timer. Now, I know it's a bit rich when somebody who tends to work Saturdays only complains of being made a part-timer, when the likes of you and me are working five days and more each week, but such are the inequalities of the world in which we live. Rumours that Channel 4 desperately wanted Mr. McCririck to cut back on the outlandish outfits are wide of the mark, as is the suggestion that Angus 'Statto' Loughran is viewed as a possible replacement.

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