Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Gone with the wind

Well, in over twenty five years of following National Hunt racing, the postponement of racing at Cheltenham on Wednesday ranks as one of the biggest disappointments I can recall. I am still shocked; I can't quite believe what happened. I left Coventry at 07.30; the weather was clear and blustery. At 08.30, approaching Cheltenham on the M5, I received two texts from friends informing me the day's racing had been called off due to the high winds. I can only describe the whole epsiode as 'surreal'. Let's be clear about this - the postponement was necessary not for racing reasons but for health and safety reasons connected with the temporary structures erected on the course. Personally I feel the postponement could and should have been announced much earlier; I shall be claiming my full refund in due course. The Racing Press / Establishment will do their best to make the best of this bad job but there are a lot of unsatisfied customers out there and I'm just one of many. When I should have been enjoying a Guinness and swapping form notes before the first, I was back in Coventry, checking out the sell-by date on yoghurts Mrs Tips had included on the weekly shopping line - what a stinker!

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