Monday, July 02, 2007

Notes from Newcastle

I've never been to Newcastle racecourse and, after the feedback I received from colleagues following their visit on Saturday, I can't say I'm really motivated to change that state of affairs.

Whilst aforementioned colleagues did reasonably well on the betting front, they were distinctly unimpressed by the course facilities. They paid £20 each for entrance to the grandstand / paddock enclosure, and felt that viewing was not particularly good, the big screen not easily visible and the PA system on several occasions inaudible. A section of this enclosure was also cordoned off as the result of building works. Going to the one main toilet facility entailed a wait of roughly twenty minutes and a trip to the bar nearer thirty. Granted, the appalling weather did nothing to help the situation; collectively they score the facilities four out of ten, with a 'must do better' added for good measure.

The final straw - the free bus back into town became stuck in the bottomless ground and everyone had to disembark to wait for taxis. It never rains but it pours.

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