Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Another doping scandal

Picking up the corruption theme again, BBC Radio 4 ran a story this morning which I only half heard through my crunching Corn Flakes.

A Pony Club competition in Jersey has been postponed pending further investigation after a number of ponies were found behaving in an 'irregular fashion' prior to a junior show jumping event.

A parent is alleged to have given polo mints to certain ponies after which the animals became very drowsy; one pony could barely make it back to his box. Speaking personally, several of my betting selections have behaved in a similar manner in the past so I see no immediate cause for concern.

It appears the ponies were given a sedative which is often used to calm fractious horses; obviously a complete investigation is to be carried out and the competition rearranged for a later date.

It would appear that, just as in any other walk of life, you need to get the kids involved from an early age.

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