Friday, June 02, 2006

Derby Day

It's Derby Day tomorrow.

I've followed racing for over 25 years and I've never managed to pick the Derby winner. With 18 runners this time around I don't think I'm about to break the habit of a lifetime.

Still, the likes of John Rickman and Lord Oaksey carried on regardless; if it's good enough for Lord Oaksey, that'll do me.

Generally, over the years, the market has been a reasonable guide in this race, so my two against the field are the favourite Visindar and Horatio Nelson (with the added bonus of Kieran Fallon on board).

Whatever happens, we won't have Sue Barker taking us through the preliminaries this year; let's be grateful for small mercies.

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GeeDee said...

In the event Visindar finished fifth and Horatio Nelson was pulled up and later sadly destroyed.