Friday, April 05, 2013

The inside story on the 2013 Grand National runners

Days of Lost Glory, of Oscar Time, came flooding back to Imperial Commander Tarquinius following his defeat of Harry The Viking and Viking Blond.

Making his way back to Auroras Encore On His Own he ordered Seabass Tatenen with a Treacle side Forpadydeplasterer.

'How does he like it?' enquired Roberto Goldback.
'Rare, Bob,' came the laconic reply.

On a nearby table Major Malarkey from Colbert Station ordered Teaforthree and invited Joncol from Soll and the Balthazar King over.

'Let's Join Together!' he cried.

'Ballabriggs, Big Fella! Thanks! What A Friend! Quel Esprit!'

He wondered why he had bothered.

'It's Always Waining Across The Bay,' chipped in Sunnyhillboy, so named as he generally tended to put a dampener on things.

Becauseicouldntsee if Any Currency still remained, Mr Moonshine, wearing his Cappa Bleu, Mumbles, 'Head over to the Quiscover Fontaine, will you, where The Rainbow Hunter, Chicago Grey and Swing Bill are in the Ninetieth Minute of a discussion about Weird Al and his money.'


'Mortimers Cross,' he continues, 'but apparently the man is some kind of Saint. Are you?'

[With apologies to connections.]

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