Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Salisbury soiree

People have started asking about my new shoes. It looks like a long job; I'd hope to have them broken in for Newbury's Hennessy meeting at the end of November.

You know, it really is such a long time since I've managed to get to the races - the best part of nine months. A couple of weeks back, I came up with a cunning plan. When I say 'cunning', it was only moderately cunning in a blokeish sort of a way, something any practised female would describe as 'naive' and would see through in an instant, which is exactly what Mrs Tips did. The fact I thought it cunning at least afforded me some small pleasure.

My daughter's school choir is on a trip to Salisbury Cathedral. I thought I could show a newly-discovered interest in choral singing by combining a visit to church with a trip out to the track - on either Tuesday afternoon or following evensong on Saturday. Of course, the whole idea was hopeless, transparent, a 66/1 shot in three horse race...

So, this Saturday afternoon, I'll be watching one of the Flat season highlights, the King George, on the television in my front room; after that I have Channel Four's Glorious Goodwood coverage to look forward to.

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